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Celebrating Self-Love


No matter if you are in a relationship or not. Make tomorrow, Valentine´s Day, your day of celebrating LOVE in general but especially the love for yourself.

That´s usually the most difficult one.

Isn´t it?

It´s often much easier to love others than ourselves.

Women tend to be very harsh with their inner self-critique. We all have an inner mean girl or inner bitch telling us all the bad stuff, where we´re not good enough, not thin enough, not this enough, not that enough.

I invite you to silence her for tomorrow. Send her out counting snowflakes or grass blades or grains of sand (depending on where you live).

Give your brain something positive to think instead.


I AM Courageous. I walk through life with confidence and Grace.

I AM Radiant. I give and receive my love with joy and pleasure.

I AM Magnetic. I attract my basic needs and my true heart’s desires.

I AM Wild. I express my passion by deeply connecting with my body.

I AM Love. I am Love. I am Love.

(Repeat 3 times. Each time anchoring these truths more and more.)

At our core, we must feel self-love. We all want to feel Wild, Sacred, and Sexy. Vibrant, Happy, and Whole. We want to feel these so consistently that they become our embodied truths.

There are a couple ways to do this practice. You can look in the Mirror and while looking in your own eyes, repeat this 3 times. Or you can put one hand over your heart and one hand over your wombspace, and repeat 3 times.

Either option is meant to deeply connect into the beauty of who you are. Into the truth of who you are.

from Joanne Cohen

And if you like it, keep doing it whenever your inner mean girl speaks up.

She will become less noisy over time. But it takes some practice.

Be gentle with yourself, Love.

Here is a song from my Pleasure Tribe friend Yael Daphna Saar for this day of self-love. Sing it to your self looking into your own eyes in the mirror.

Wishing you a beautiful, radiant self-love day!

Love and Pleasure Kiria 202

P.S. The One Billion Rising events are taking place tomorrow again too. Check out this site for events in your area:!/0/


posted on 2/13/2015

Hi Kiria, I love your 5 affirmations, thank you 🙂 Sandra

posted on 2/19/2015

You´re welcome, Sandra. I love those too. 🙂

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